Monday, November 14, 2011

Are you selling yourself short?

I couldn’t believe this statistic when I read it:

Most men have very low self-esteem!!!!

Can you believe this?

It’s not that difficult to believe after all, just look at the nearest guy near you.

You will notice some strange things about him.

He looks strange, he behaves strange, he has a fat belly, he doesn’t train, he is overweight, he doesn’t look good …

You get my idea here.

It’s no surprise, nearly all guys are messy looking and don’t have high self-esteem.

The biggest problem with this is that these guys are going to sell themselves short, very short indeed.

They will think that because of their state, no one will want them and that they will totally in at the mercy of others.

This is not a good position to be in if you want success in life.

Look up, raise your chin and smile at the world, you are worth more than you think you are and whomever thinks different of this, you need to get over with him and fast.

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