Thursday, November 24, 2011

My best secret

Don’t think that I’m cheap dastards and that I don’t tell you my best techniques in this blog.

In fact, I give you only the best techniques I know of and that have worked great for me and other guys I know.

This is something I wanted to get off my chest for quite sometimes now: the best secret to meeting women.

You can think of this one as a gift for reading this blog.

Here is my secret: the ability to walk away.

Whenever you feel that you can walk away from a girl and not feeling a lot of hurt, you are going to do great with her.

This is the best secret I can give you so far.

Then how can you apply it?

It’s easy; you just walk away from girls when you don’t like them!

I know, it seems quite childish and immature to do it, but the best fact about it is that it works and amazingly well with girls.

Remember, be ready to walk away when she is treating you in a nasty way and she will come following you.

Remember my old rule: women are weak creatures, they want a strong man.

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