Saturday, November 12, 2011

A monkey will attract females better than you

I am watching a documentary right now on YouTube about monkeys and how they mate.

And let me tell you that a male monkey is absolutely a born pickup artist.

It has no issue with going to females and seducing them, in fact, most of the times, it’s the females who will come to it and seduce it into having passionate monkey sex.

I’ve noticed this, in fact, I’ll write an eBook soon that I will call: “the monkey’s guide to seducing women”, interested?


Well, I’ve noticed this: the male chimp will do this:

Its body language demonstrates dominance, it has no shame of his desire (it walks with its penis fully erected) and it will have other things to do other than chasing the ladies all the time.

This is your assignment:

If you feel that you don’t have the kind of success you want with women, try to do as our friend the monkey.

Have a great body language

Walk to women with no shame or guilt inside of you, think of it as a natural biological thing to keep the species alive

Don’t go to a bar or a club to only pick up women, instead go there to have fun and to enjoy a drink you like and then, and only then, when you see a woman of interest to you, go talk to her in a calm and confident way, if she doesn’t like you, it’s fine, don’t get angry, just have fun with it.

Here are some links to help you with the body language thing and the confidence (keep watching, I’ll make you an offered very soon to buy the “monkey’s guide to getting women into bed in three minutes or less”, it’s a deluxe edition and it would cost a lot of money to get) :)

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