Sunday, December 4, 2011

Don’t be the guy that just pays

I laughed so hard the other day when my friend told me what happened to him with a girl.

Here are the juicy details:

He picked up a girl, she told him that there is this great movie she wanted to see, so, he invited her, then when they were done watching that stupid movie, she told him that she was hungry, he invited her to a sandwich, she refused and told him that she had one before coming and she wanted something else, she told him about this nice “cheap” restaurant that she’s been dying to eat in.

She told him that it required a booking but she knew a friend, he felt obliged to take her there and he thought that they were going to split the bill.

Mr. Naïve guy paid for himself and for her, then the moment of truth arrived, he took her home and he wanted to plant one on her lips, before he can do it, she said bye and entered her apartment.

He felted so abused and weak then and he started insulting himself on his way back home.

This chick cost him more than two hundred buck s and he got nothing in return.

The most humiliating part was when he asked her again for a “revenge” date, she accepted and when they met, she told him that she wanted to go for a walk.

We all know that walking is free, but then when they started walking, she went to a hotdog cart and ordered a nice juicy six bucks hotdog, my friend got quite intelligent, he didn’t suggest paying for her and he stood there looking at people passing by.

She told him that she didn’t have any change, so, he found himself obliged to pay again.

They walked and when it was time for the treat, she entered her apartment again.

My friend swore to never ask her again.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

My best secret

Don’t think that I’m cheap dastards and that I don’t tell you my best techniques in this blog.

In fact, I give you only the best techniques I know of and that have worked great for me and other guys I know.

This is something I wanted to get off my chest for quite sometimes now: the best secret to meeting women.

You can think of this one as a gift for reading this blog.

Here is my secret: the ability to walk away.

Whenever you feel that you can walk away from a girl and not feeling a lot of hurt, you are going to do great with her.

This is the best secret I can give you so far.

Then how can you apply it?

It’s easy; you just walk away from girls when you don’t like them!

I know, it seems quite childish and immature to do it, but the best fact about it is that it works and amazingly well with girls.

Remember, be ready to walk away when she is treating you in a nasty way and she will come following you.

Remember my old rule: women are weak creatures, they want a strong man.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Are you selling yourself short?

I couldn’t believe this statistic when I read it:

Most men have very low self-esteem!!!!

Can you believe this?

It’s not that difficult to believe after all, just look at the nearest guy near you.

You will notice some strange things about him.

He looks strange, he behaves strange, he has a fat belly, he doesn’t train, he is overweight, he doesn’t look good …

You get my idea here.

It’s no surprise, nearly all guys are messy looking and don’t have high self-esteem.

The biggest problem with this is that these guys are going to sell themselves short, very short indeed.

They will think that because of their state, no one will want them and that they will totally in at the mercy of others.

This is not a good position to be in if you want success in life.

Look up, raise your chin and smile at the world, you are worth more than you think you are and whomever thinks different of this, you need to get over with him and fast.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

A monkey will attract females better than you

I am watching a documentary right now on YouTube about monkeys and how they mate.

And let me tell you that a male monkey is absolutely a born pickup artist.

It has no issue with going to females and seducing them, in fact, most of the times, it’s the females who will come to it and seduce it into having passionate monkey sex.

I’ve noticed this, in fact, I’ll write an eBook soon that I will call: “the monkey’s guide to seducing women”, interested?


Well, I’ve noticed this: the male chimp will do this:

Its body language demonstrates dominance, it has no shame of his desire (it walks with its penis fully erected) and it will have other things to do other than chasing the ladies all the time.

This is your assignment:

If you feel that you don’t have the kind of success you want with women, try to do as our friend the monkey.

Have a great body language

Walk to women with no shame or guilt inside of you, think of it as a natural biological thing to keep the species alive

Don’t go to a bar or a club to only pick up women, instead go there to have fun and to enjoy a drink you like and then, and only then, when you see a woman of interest to you, go talk to her in a calm and confident way, if she doesn’t like you, it’s fine, don’t get angry, just have fun with it.

Here are some links to help you with the body language thing and the confidence (keep watching, I’ll make you an offered very soon to buy the “monkey’s guide to getting women into bed in three minutes or less”, it’s a deluxe edition and it would cost a lot of money to get) :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ten most common pick up mistakes guys do

Do you do these ten pick up mistakes? I hope not, they will break your chances of ever getting great women in your life.

Trust me on this matter, I’ve broke up with more women than probably ten men.

So this is the reason why I want to tell you about the ten most horrible mistakes I did with women that either got me a no as an answer or a no to a great relationship.

1. Here is the first pick up mistake: you give too much importance.

It’s the diamond in the crown of mistakes!

This mistake alone can make your romantic life or break it, I had to write it on the top of the list because it’s that important.

What do I mean by giving too much importance?

Well, have you ever watched the movie The Last Kiss, it’s an Italian movie, very beautiful, I highly recommend that you watch it in the near future.

In this movie, the hero is cheating on his wife and what I didn’t like about the wife is that she putted too much importance on her husband coming back to her, she couldn’t live with the idea that another woman took him from her, this may seem like the right approach to do, but in the real life, there is another great approach: don’t give a S**t!

By the way, talking about kisses, here is a fantastic guide you must read, go ahead, finish reading this article and then have a look at it, wonderful stuff: the kiss test.

Yes, that’s my approach with women, I don’t give a damn about what would they think or what they would say, I do what’s right in my opinion and who likes me will follow me.

Don’t put too much importance on things, you are in a free country, if you don’t like what you get, go somewhere else.

And if he doesn’t like you, no need to force her, accept it and move on, maybe it will be your greatest decision in life.

2. The second mistake: seeking her blessings.

I love this term a lot, it means that you seek her approval on everything you do, and this is a highly critical thing to not have.

Let’s imagine that you have got a friend who will ask you for everything he’ll be doing in the future, he‘ll want your opinion on everything concerning his life, he will want you to give him the green light on his personal matter and other stuff…

I don’t think that this guy would be your friend for a long time; you would soon find a way to get rid of him.

This is the same with women; they don’t want a guy who wants them to decide for his life.

3. The third mistake is wanting her to lead you

This is a bastard!

I’ve lost more dates to this one than to all the other mistakes.

I remember once I met this beautiful girl, stunning, tall, bland and totally in love with my humor and sarcasm on the telephone.

I set up a date with her, met her and immediately asked the damn question: “where do you want me to take you?”

It was like I took a shotgun, aimed it at her chest and shot her right in the middle.

She was silent, she then told me “wherever you want”, I didn’t pay attention to this sign and I kept on insisting on her choosing a place to go.

“Please, just tell me a good restaurant you like and I’ll take you there”

She did.

Next two days, I called her, she simply told me that she is seeing her former boyfriend and he asked her for marriage, I was shocked and even more shocked when I learned that she was lying to me and did this only to get rid of me.

I don’t want you to do the same, please, it’s your role as a man to choose where to go and when to meet, don’t deny this role or she will deny you.

4. The fourth mistake is: telling her where you are taking her

This is the continuum of the third mistake.

Even if you decided where you are taking her, don’t do this:

“We are going to La Perla restaurant, let’s go”

Do you know what the woman heard when you told her that: “I’m telling you my decision because I’m not confident enough to assume responsibilities!”

This is what she heard and trust me, women want you to silently lead them.

Of course, you can’t impose your decisions on her, for example, if she doesn’t like Mexican foods, don’t take her to a Mexican restaurant and impose it on her, it would suck.

5. The fifth mistake: having bad breath

I once wanted to take this gorgeous girl out, I asked her and I was waiting down in the lobby for her to come meet me, she was on a convention and staying at that hotel.

She took her time and I decided to have a drink, I chose something horribly strong and I decided to have a garlicky snack on top of it.

She looked perfect and healthy when I saw her, after talking for a few moments with her in the alley, she excused herself and told me that she had a bad headache.


I didn’t understand, I was depressed by this and went to have a chat with a friend, when I opened my mouth to tell him what happened, he nearly puked!

Don’t have a bad breath; always have a mint gum with you and floss once a day.

6. The sixth pick up mistake is asking too much question.

Where are you originally from?

Were you parents Protestants or Catholics?

How old is your dog?

Do you have a cat at home? Does it eat mice?

Do you have a valid driving license?

Are you a legal immigrant?

Have you ever drunk ice tea with lemon?


You got the idea, no boring questions at all, it will tell her one thing; you are a boring person.

7. The seventh mistake is: bad shoes.

I was once hanging in an antique street in my home city, I saw an old shop where they were selling old clothes.

I spotted a pair of very old shoes, maybe the twenties; I bought them to take some photos of later in the weekend as I love to take pictures of old things.

Some months later, I saw them hanging in my garage, took them, polished them very neatly, put them and went to work.

What a surprise!!!!

Women came from nowhere and asked me about the brand, the style and the place where I bought them.

I couldn’t understand why.

At work, my boss, a sexy 40ish woman, asked me to her office and chatted for one minute about a job she wanted me to supervise and half an hour about the shoes and how she liked my style!!!!

You may think that this is too much, it’s not, I’ve got them in my drawers and I’ve since haunted antique shops and I’m highly interested in shoes and style.

The take home message is that women go wild about shoes, wear something interesting and stay away from cheap things, most of the times, good quality shoes cost a lot.

8. The eight mistake is too much eye contact

If you are interested in a woman, you need to keep strong eye contact with her; however, you need to look away sometimes.

Don’t look at women for too much, you will come out as a pervert or a dangerous criminal.

Eye contact is an art and here is its guide:

Look at her as long as she is looking at you, when she breaks her eye contact, keep looking at her gently, she knows that you are still looking, when she turns away, stop following her with your eyes and do something else.

The rule is to not make her uncomfortable with your eyes.

9. The ninth mistake is too little eye contact

Some men will go to a woman directly and ask her for her phone number.

I don’t agree with this method because you will simply frighten her.

You should at least tell her indirectly that you like her; you do it through eye contact.

Another important thing is when you are on a date with her, don’t look on the floor or the sealing, you need to look her in the eyes for sometimes and then break your eye contact and look somewhere else.

The rule is to not look desperate or too nervous.

10. The tenth mistake is to be a boring person

This is the worst thing you can do to a woman when you are with her.

Here is some information you should know:

Women are bored everyday of their lives, they have boring jobs, they have boring commutes, they have boring friends, they watch boring TV shows (if they aren’t soap operas), they had boring boyfriends…

If you too are boring, you will end up alone.

Don’t do it, always have something great going on in your life to talk about and to feel great about.

Make your life appealing to women so that they would like to be a part of.